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18 August 2006 @ 08:31 am
Brief update  
School had some interesting issues this term that will result in about a third of my already-small class transferring to other schools.  I managed to sneak by the issues, however, and my GPA has gone up this term.  Finals are over, and I just finished my first of three weeks of vacation.  Didn't really accomplish much - just vegged in front of the computer for most of it.  But that helped.  I needed that.

Last weekend we were in Westminster, CO for a Somato-Respiratory Integration Wellness Education seminar specializing in the use of SRI within NSA offices.  It was a fantastic seminar, but I ended up hitting a wall Sunday evening, so most of Monday was wasted on me.  'sOK, though - Friday thru Sunday was great stuff.

This afternoon, we're taking off for Northern CA for another NSA BCI HOW.  It'll be good for me.  Promise.

Next weekend, I'm starting the Irene Gold National Boards Review program.  It's an intensive three-weekend-or-so course going over everything we can expect to see on the NBCE Part 1 exam, which I'm taking the weekend after Irene Gold ends.  (September 15-17)  I expect it to be difficult and worth it.  It better be - the review cost almost as much as the exam.  Whatever it takes to pass the test, though.  Just gotta get through it and get the license.

Which reminds me - the term that just ended was term 5.  Out of 10.  I'm halfway done!!!  YAY!!!!!

lightwaysJen's journal went over our disappointment in not being able to work with the live/work space we'd found in Oxnard.  No need to reinvent the wheel - that post went over it well.  In fact, there's a bunch in there that applies to me also, but she said it well enough for both of us, so I'm not gonna retype it all here.

Oh, and I need more hard drive space.  Again.  Now that I'm dealing with video and DVDs and such, the space gets filled very quickly.  Guess I know what I'm looking for on Black Friday this year.  Assuming I can wait 'till November.  Which I can.  Dammit.

I can't think of much else going on with me.  Much stuff happening with friends and family, but that's their journals' jurisdiction.  I will say congrats to Chet and Anne, though (even though I know neither reads this journal).  Those two have a lot going against them as a couple, but somehow they just work together.  I'm sure the marriage will last forever and make both of them both happy and crazy.  =)

What's up with you?