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07 August 2006 @ 09:26 am
About a month ago, I was having DSL problems.  Couldn't connect, etc.  Worked on it with Verizon's phone support for a few hours, and they determined that I could use a new DSL modem/router.  This turned out to be good timing, because they were willing to replace the DSL modem/router that they'd supplied me with for up to a year after I received it, and if I'd made the phone call a day or two later, I'd no longer be eligible.

So they shipped me a new DSL router, and it took a while to get it to work, but after a few more hours with Verizon tech support...  well, truth be told, after about an hour they hung up on me and I worked out the rest of it on my own while waiting for them to call back.

Since then, my internet has been sporadic.  It's pretty consistent about working very well in spurts -- it'll die for a minute or so every once in a while.  This isn't a huge deal, just a major annoyance.  But it does interrupt certain things like AOL IM, and sometimes it'll take me a couple days to notice and get back on.

So for those of you used to seeing me online constantly, don't be insulted that you can't see me online right now.  I didn't make myself invisible, I'm not intentionally ignoring you -- it's just my router being stupid.

I should get on the phone with them again, but it'll take some time for me to work up the willpower to go through that first 45 minute script of tasks that they force you to do even though you've been through this enough times to have done it all on your own before calling.  It's a shame they can't put in the notes "this guy's not an idiot, he does the basic stuff to make sure he can't take care of the problem himself before coming to us" or something.

Maybe I'll make that call sometime in the break.......  (Oh, did I mention that final exams are this week?  EEEK!)
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Fred 2.0lqc on August 7th, 2006 06:49 pm (UTC)
God I hate that, though in my case with the servers those little one minute drops are a much bigger deal. That's why I start getting nuts when I see my AIM dropping regularly.
Generally I've found three issues that cause this. The dsl modem which you've already dealt with, the line connection, though not necessarily right at your location, sometimes is a neighborhood thing and lastly the ISPs DSLAM or router, which is what the modem communicates with. The last one is usually more obvious because the issues tend to happen on a repeating schedule, for example I was having regular problems around Midnight most nights for awhile. Turns out it was a problem with the ISPs router hence why it happened repeatedly on schedule.

Unfortunately there's really no quick way to identify the issue, so 10-to-1 you'll be stuck on support long enough to eventually get a service team sent out "eventually". Good luck with that.