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12 June 2002 @ 11:55 am
A jokeless punchline  
"Let my peephole go!"
some guy: glutton for punishmentself on June 12th, 2002 12:51 pm (UTC)
I wasted an hour on this.
It's a little high-concept. Like, the eyes of God are on us, but only in a voyeuristic sense, and occasionally someone will stand in just the wrong place so He can't see anything. At these moments, a prophet is called upon to ask that person to move a few inches in either direction. Fun to think about, but difficult to cram into the confines of a single joke.

Alternately, you could abandon the original context and try to place it in ST:TNG, whose Ensign Ro could probably be considered fair in the snow-white sense. Perhaps this is how our narrator has come to know her, many years ago. Since then, she's bought some property and set up... something that people want to see. So, there's a chunk of setup taken care of. Perhaps the narrator grew up with a guy named Moe, and is now talking to the guy's sister. With enough exposition, that stretches things back to "Go down, Moe's sis. Way down to Fair Ro's land. Tell old Fair Ro: let my peephole go."

Of course, the Star Trek thing limits your audience considerably. Let's try another angle.

Old Fair Row. The street where a carnival has always been. It's become a gated community with houses and such, but rumor has it there are still circus performers and midway games and the occasional roller coaster. Tresspassers have always been a problem. So, they put up a giant tent over the whole area, hoping people would lose interest if they couldn't see any signs of activity. The ploy backfired, of course...


Jocular traditions say you could also use "grow" or "glow" instead of "go" if that gives the quote more interesting motivation.