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31 July 2006 @ 04:07 pm
As Jen mentioned, we had a Network and SRI session on Saturday.  I had a bit of a breakthrough with my breath, and have been very pleased with the results -- although I have to admit that some of the side effects are...interesting.

My problem with doing SRI on my own has been that I don't get much connection, well, pretty much anywhere.  But I've been especially hard-pressed to get any breath into my chest.  Isolated right in there, I mean - chest only, no sternum or belly breathing.  (That's position 1, for future reference.  Position 2 is sternum only, position 3 is belly only).  For the most part, I can isolate position 3 pretty easily, and usually can get 2 after some work, but I just haven't been able to connect and isolate position 1.

Well, after the SRI session, I've got GREAT connection and isolation in position 1.

Matter of fact, it's so good that by comparison, I've got nothing to do with 2 or 3.  All my breathing since then has been in my chest.

The extent of this became very obvious to me Saturday night, when I got the hiccoughs...and they weren't affecting my diaphragm.  They were concentrated entirely in my chest.

That's bizarre stuff right there...

Anyway, I need to get more SRI facilitation time in, so I can get some connection in the other locations.  It feels great to get the breath in a place that I can't remember ever having breath before, but I'm feeling a bit lop-sided......