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06 June 2006 @ 10:36 pm
Any Adobe Encore users out there?  
I'm working with menus and having some trouble.

Here's what I've got going on successfully:
Buttons work.  They're routed correctly in a custom manner, and when they're selected, they change colors.  And the newly colored text isn't horrible and grainy, as it was before.  I even figured out how to make text appear out of nowhere when the button was selected.  (Think submenu - like when you click on "File" in MS Word, more text appears)  I've got a "back to main menu" arrow that changes colors when selected.  I've even managed to work with the color scheme to make the text and "back to main menu" arrow my own colors. 

Here's the step I'm missing:
The text that appears out of nowhere is horrible and grainy, and I can't seem to figure out why or how to fix it.  It's fine on the computer screen, but when I say "Preview from here" or, more importantly, when I burn onto a disc, the text is simply unreadable.  I've tried changing fonts, I've tried changing colors, I've tried changing it from Crisp to Sharp to Strong to Smooth to None.  I've tried creating the text in Photoshop (which is what made the horrible grainy effect on the main button highlight text before), I've tried making it in Encore and having it "Create Text Subpicture" (which is what fixed the main buttons).  I've tried changing it so it simply changes colors, rather than appearing and disappearing. 

I'm not sure what else to try, and I'm running way late on this project.  Granted, it's not like it's a project that matters much, but it's been bothering me since I got back from NYC, and I was really hoping to have the problem solved and the project done within like a week of that.  It's been closer to a month.

People I'd like to hand a finished product to are coming over this Sunday.  Anybody got any ideas that might help me have it ready by then?
some guy: proud of yaself on June 7th, 2006 10:22 pm (UTC)
It sounds like your text is getting scaled to account for square pixels or non-square pixels or non-pixel squares or something. Text is stupid on DVD.

If your design's not set in stone, I have an alternative which might work for you. We'll call it a trade secret, though, and not post that publically. (make my phone ring, and we'll hook you up)
Idtechnomonkey on June 8th, 2006 02:39 pm (UTC)
If you've got something that'll actually work, I can probably change the design.

How long a conversation are we talking about? If it's short, I can likely call today at lunch. If it'll take some time, what time do you usually get up on Fridays? =)

And would it help to see the PSD of one of my menus as it's currently laid out? e-mail is also an option...