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25 April 2006 @ 02:52 pm
IM Triton  
A month or two ago, I reloaded Windows on Jen's laptop, and reloaded a bunch of software onto it.  When I loaded the latest version of AOL IM, I noticed that it was completely different than the one on my system (which had been maintaining its auto-updates for some time, and shoulda been the latest version).  It was called AIM Triton, and had some things different about it...  Played with it for a while, and switched on my system as well.  Here's some of the things I've noticed:

Good:  It's like tab browsing, but for IM's.  I really like that I can have a single window open that I can click in various places to switch between my chats, switch between the chat and my file transfers, etc -- and it doesn't clutter up my button bar.

Bad:  I liked being able to right-click on the icon in the task bar and tell it I'm away.  Also, there's some File Transfer functionality that seems to be gone -- most notably, the "Get File" function and the "Auto accept file transfers from people in my friends list only" option.  And I can't dock the Friends List on the right and have all the other windows adjust their size automatically for it.  Oh, and I liked that it used to auto-update, and the new one doesn't seem to do that.

Mixed:  The Plaxo integration is nice - it lets me keep my list up to date automatically.  Sadly, it also makes my buddy list editing much less user-friendly.  Guess they expect me to ONLY use the Plaxo layout, which means I'd only have to edit things in Outlook.

I dunno.  The jury's still out, but at the same time I seem to have switched over on a more permanent basis.  Guess we'll see if the good outweighs the bad over time.