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22 April 2006 @ 11:20 pm
An unpleasant surprise  
Our garage has one shelf in it.  It's a wooden deal off to the left, about five and a half feet above the ground, and it's roughly two feet wide by six feet deep (or six by two, depending if you're looking at it from the garage door or from the wall it's facing).  It's essentially a plank of wood laying on a frame of two-by-fours, attached to the ceiling by more two-by-fours.  When we moved in, we filled in the space below it with heavy-ish boxes, and filled in the shelf with light-ish boxes.

This morning, Jen discovered that one of the two-by-fours that the plank is resting on snapped, and the entire system is sagging.  The only reason it seems to have not dropped its entire contents all across the garage is the stack of boxes below that it's resting on.

Guess we have a new project for the upcoming weeks...