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22 April 2006 @ 10:40 pm
New toys  
In preparation for the trip to NYC, I picked up a digital camcorder.  There were some hiccoughs, but now that I've exchanged the camera for one that didn't have the threading stripped so it can attach to a tripod, picked up a tripod, a microphone, a bracket to allow me to use the microphone, and a Firewire card and cable, everything should work fine.  Once I figure out how to use the functionality and, you know, edit stuff.

egheaumaen told me about a function that I just tested out - white balancing.  Amazing stuff, that.  If you have a camcorder and aren't familiar with it, break out the instruction manual and try it out.  Then use it every time you use the camera - it makes a heck of a difference.  (I wonder if that function exists on my digital still camera.  If so, that could completely change the way my photos turn out forevermore.  Especially the ones taken anywhere other than in daylight -- which is most of the time.  EDIT:  Sure enough, there it is.  And only three years worth of photos that coulda been much improved by that....  Well, from now on......)

Oh, there's one more step -- I need to stop by Best Buy again tomorrow and see if they'll be willing to open up the box with the camcorder I returned in the exchange so I can get my 1GB memory card out of the camera.  Oops....