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18 April 2006 @ 12:25 pm
Spring Cleaning  
Jen and I have been cleaning up around the apartment since I got on break from school, which means that we have more trash to dump than we have trash bins.  Tomorrow's collection day, so I'm gonna see which trash bins have space and fill them up once people put them out and head to work.  If I'm lucky, I'll only need to do this this week, and on Thursday we'll be clear of all these bags.  If not, I've got next week too.

One advantage of the cleanup is that I've got more desk space now.  This is useful for the project I've taken on, which is to take all of Nanny's photographs that Mom found and scan them into the computer for preservation and possible distribution among the family.  Turns out there's a great big tub o' pictures, and it's taking time.  But it's amazing the kinds of stuff I'm seeing.  Very young pictures of my brothers and I, my cousins, my parents.  Nanny and Papa looked the same even as far back as 1968, though.  (that's as early as I've gotten through so far)  Guess those two never changed.  =)

In case those of you who know what they looked like think I'm exaggerating, here's a photo that includes them both from Thanksgiving of 1973 (along with my brothers, and cousins Greg and Elizabeth - I'd be born four years later):

We've also been cleaning up the TiVo.  Sadly, that's meant that some of the shows we've been saving up on had to go - we may catch the DVDs when they're released, or we may not.  But we gave up on the idea of watching, among other things, Prison Break (which is a shame, that was a good one).  Desperate Housewives went away quite some time ago - we haven't seen a single episode this season (from what we hear, that's probably wise).  Others went away as well, but the good news is that we may be at a point where we can actually keep up with the stuff that's coming in from week to week.  That'll be nice.

Going with the theme of Spring Cleaning, I've been cleaning up some of the cobwebs in my head.  The post about Kurt yesterday was a major part of that.  Another thing I did recently was contact one of my high school friends that I haven't talked to since graduation, but who has been on my mind a lot over the years.  She sounds well from her e-mail, and I'm hopeful about being able to rekindle that friendship.  I always valued her as a friend, and she was one of those people I felt saddened to have lost track of - even when we were drifting apart during high school.  Anyway, I've pointed her to this journal in case she wanted to get a scary picture of what's been going on in my day-to-day life (when I get around to posting), so in case she decides to visit, let me just take a moment to say welcome to my little corner of the web.
Hi Melissa!

And it seems I'm not the only one with clean slates in mind.  Seth and Cassandra have each individually contacted me this past weekend with hopes of paying off all of what they owe me so we can start being friends again, without the debt hanging over our heads.  Those friendships will now have only the one strike against them -- the fact that they both live in Seattle and I'm here in SoCal.  But it'll be nice to not have to play debt collector every month again.  At least, not until I open up my office in '08.  That'll be a different matter completely.  Back to my mantra:  "Cash only practice.  Cash only practice."

OK, I should have some breakfast and/or lunch, and get back to scanning photos.  Just wanted to check in and give an update.  There's more to post (there always is), but who has the time?