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17 April 2006 @ 09:53 am
Been over a year and I still enjoy this meme, so I'm doing it again!  
It's the In My Pants meme.  Wheee!

The rules, for those who forgot or didn't follow the link to my previous post:

1. Open up your media player, winamp, iTunes, sonix, fire up your iPod, rio, what have you, and put it on shuffle (like it's not already. I just KNOW you guys like to listen to your music alphabetically!)
2. Skip through the first 25 songs and list them.
3. Add "In my pants!" to the end of each song title.
4. bold your favorites.

1. Life Got in the Way in my Pants - Sister Hazel
2. Another Reason to Believe in my Pants - Bon Jovi
3. The Best of Times in my Pants - Styx
4. Diamonds in the Coal (Live in my Pants) - The Badlees
5. The Dreaming In My Pants - The Spirit of Eden
6. The Cuckoo in the Depths of the Forest in my Pants - PDQ Bach
7. Wasting Away in my Pants - Nailbomb
8. My Romance in my Pants - 139th Street Quartet
9. Common Threads in my Pants - Bobby McFerrin
10. I Ran and Ran in my Pants - Alan Silvestri (Forrest Gump Score)
11. Eclipse in my Pants - Ten
12. All Shook Up in my Pants - Elvis Presley (Big Fish soundtrack)
13. Something's Wrong With Gilligan's Island in my Pants - Radio Free Vestibule
14. Escape in my Pants - Journey
15. Laundry in my Pants - The Vestibules
16. Insomniac in my Pants - U Oregon On the Rocks
17. Underdog in my Pants - Chicago Voice Exchange
18. My Honey's Lovin' Arms in my Pants - Bluegrass Student Union
19. Rear in my Pants - Expanded Sound
20. Forever, For Now in my Pants - Harry Connick, Jr
21. Yeah in my Pants - U Oregon Divisi
22. Sing a Whale Song in my Pants - Tom Chapin
23. Angel in my Pants - UVA Academical Village
24. Belle in my Pants (Reprise) - Paige O'Hara (Beauty & The Beast Soundtrack)
25. When You Were Sweet Sixteen in my Pants - Big Chicken Chorus

#1 would have been better if it'd been "of my pants", but I stuck with the rules.

I think it's interesting that Insomniac came up again - but performed by a different group.  Shouldn't surprise me too much, I suppose - I do have five versions of the song.  But with almost 29,000 tracks iTunes randomly selected between, it picked that one twice.  Sorta.  Also, I got a second song from Beauty & the Beast.  And not a single song from a play.

All meaningless, of course - but kinda fun data analysis.