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14 April 2006 @ 08:08 am
Firefox fixed.  
OK, that's SERIOUSLY messed up.

In searching for the solution, I saw that Mozilla is blaming firewalls for the problem (apparently they've heard it all before).  I can't be experiencing that, say I - I've disabled all my firewalls.  (Great idea, advertising that online, don't you think?)

I used to use ZoneAlarm, but when I couldn't prevent it from stopping MS Outlook accessing the 'net no matter what I did, I told it to stop loading on startup.

So I went through the process.  Disabled PeerGuardian, in case that was somehow it.  Nope.  Searched for Windows Firewall.  Nope, still disabled.  I was about to work on my router when it occurred to me that somehow ZoneAlarm might still be in the system, despite all my efforts.  Looked in Task Manager - nope, not there.  Loaded ZA in case I was missing it from the list somehow.  Nope, it appeared.  For shits and giggles, I then loaded Firefox.  ZA asked if I wanted to grant permission to Firefox.  I said yes, and remember the setting.  It loads my homepage.  I exit both programs and load Firefox again.  It loads my homepage.

Somehow ZoneAlarm, without being loaded in any way, was preventing Firefox from accessing the Internet.

But like I say, it's fixed now.  And I have my search engines!  Yay!