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14 April 2006 @ 07:43 am
Firefox: Good news / Bad news  
Bad news first.  Firefox automatically installed a new update, and since then it hasn't been able to connect to the internet.  Won't even try to load a single webpage.  Makes it fairly useless.

Good news:  Apparently the gods of irony laugh and laugh, because this caused me to look for an uninstall, and in that search I discovered Firefox's Safe Mode.  Loading in Safe Mode gave me several options, including Reset Toolbars and Options.  Doing that caused the search bar to suddenly have all the search options back.

Which is fine and good, except that I still can't load any webpages.


And of course, now that I run another search on Mozilla's page, I run right into the FAQ about the search engine problem. Apparently this was one of the things they fixed with the new version.