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02 March 2006 @ 06:48 pm
That was funny  
Jason Robert Brown's website finally went live today.  One of the things in it is his very own weblog - complete with XML link.  Great, thinks I!  I can add it to my friends list!

Except I don't want to add it to this account's friends list.  I want to add it to tms_feeds's friends list.  So I log out and log in there.  And I try to add the account.

It doesn't exist yet.  No big surprise, it went live today.  I try to create it.

Except tms_feeds is a free account, and doesn't have the authority to create syndications.

So I log out, log in here, create the feed, log out, log in there, add the feed, log out, log in here, and delete it from this account.  No problem.  Just amusing.

There's nothing there yet (it hasn't grabbed the info 'cause it was just created), but if you want to friend Jason Robert Brown, the account name is jason_r_brown.  Or you could just click here.

I'd describe who he is and why you care, but the website probably does a better job than I could.  Suffice it to say the guy is an amazingly talented pianist/singer/songwriter who wrote one of my favorite musicals, The Last Five Years.