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24 February 2006 @ 11:42 am
Catching up:  Imogen Heap  
Almost a month ago, Jen and I met up with self and went to an Imogen Heap concert.  Tickets were a gift from self for Hanukkah, and we really appreciated them.  It was a great concert, but it started at 9 on a Tuesday, and Jen and I were both extremely tired by the time she actually hit the stage.  Feeling very old, we left the concert early and got some sleep.

Worth noting was the opening act: Zoe Keating.  This woman had a cello and a huge amount of audio looping equipment, and produced full songs with them.  I'm not talking about augmenting guitar pedals and scratch effects - her equipment is designed to make her loops sound exactly as if there were thirty or so of her actually playing two or three measures on the cello over and over, and she has amazing results with it.  Very cool to watch.  Need to pick up some of her CDs to see if the effect is nearly as good - I suspect not, but am not sure.  She needs to put out a DVD.

Anyway, both she and Imogen (who you may know as the lead singer of Frou Frou - who you may know as the group that did "Let Go" - which you may know as the song from the trailer for Garden State) were great, and if you happen to be able to get tickets (a difficult feat, from what I understand -- her US tour seems to be sold out), I highly recommend going.

But you may want to get some sleep first.