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05 April 2002 @ 05:34 pm
Less good news from Wednesday night.  
So while I was on this high from the Masters of Harmony thing....in fact, while driving to rehearsal, I received a phone call. Well, a voice mail, anyway - my phone doesn't always ring when it's supposed to. So anyway, this message says that my grandmother - the one I live with - is in the hospital. She felt dizzy and they took her in, and as it turns out, she'd had a mild stroke. Was feeling fine at the point of the phone call, but was being kept in the hospital for observation.

Since then, I've learned that they found something that required more tests in her heart. Still don't know what, but as of yesterday, she was still in there. The doctor has ordered her to not go up and down stairs, since if you're doing that when you get dizzy, the result is a broken hip (if you're relatively lucky). So I'm ousted from my bedroom, on a temporary-for-the-moment basis. In other words, she's not anywhere near the point where she's willing to admit that she'll never go back to her upstairs bedroom, so I'm in guest bedrooms until either she admits that or everybody feels comfortable with her resuming a somewhat normal life.

All in all, I would have enjoyed my pre-induction into Masters better without this..... Not to mention the few days since.....so far.....

I know that's a very selfish outlook to take on the situation. Don't think it's the only one I'm taking. But it's the one that's on my top of mind right at this moment.