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24 January 2006 @ 02:44 pm
All of a sudden, Paypal sucks.  
Who knew that would happen?

This weekend, I made a school/work related purchase on eBay and paid using PayPal, which is linked to my checking account.  I've used these services in conjunction before, and have never had a problem -- generally, the funds are withdrawn from my bank account within moments and the seller has their money right away.

This time, however, my transaction is marked as Pending from PayPal.  Yesterday, I sent a query to them trying to figure out why.  No response today, but I went back in and the transaction is now marked as Uncleared.  There's a question mark next to it, which I click to find that they now have a four business day turnaround between making the payment and the funds changing hands.

Which means I'd have gotten faster service if I'd used my credit card, which is also linked to my checking account.  The product would have shipped by now, and I'd have a chance of actually having the product in my hot little hands this week.  Which would be nice, considering the presentation I bought this thing for is this coming Monday.

The good news is it'll come in handy throughout my school and business career.  And Jen'll find it useful as well.  Still, this kinda sucks.


Update 1/25:
As it turns out, the instant transaction requires a credit card. It's possible this is a new thing, it's possible my old credit card expiring (due to WaMu changing from Visa CheckCards to MasterCard CheckCards mid-month) is the cause. Either way, if you want instant transactions with PayPal, make sure you've got a credit card on file with them.