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So Wednesdays, for the past few months, I've been attending rehearsals for a barbershop chorus, the Masters of Harmony. I don't remember if I've mentioned them before, but they're good. They've won the last four International Competitions they've been allowed to compete in (when you win, they don't let you back to that level for two years, so the most you can get is one gold medal every three years), and they're going for their fifth this July.

So anyway, I've been attending rehearsals and learning the contest package, and going through the audition process. Lots went into getting me to the point where I was willing to do that. I'm generally much too nervous and self conscious and crap for that kind of thing. But I went, and I've been auditioning, and the past three or four weeks have been really good ones for me. A few weeks ago, I turned in my vocal audition tape. The section leader wasn't able to get it judged in the next two rehearsals, but in the meantime, I took and passed my visual audition, and was invited to a Front Row rehearsal, which was quite cool. Last week, my section leader told me that I had passed my vocal audition, and within that week and this past one, I've completed all but one requirement to become an official member, and that one requirement is more or less a formality (the Board of Directors or something like that has to vote on letting me in or not.) I mean, ALL but the one requirement - I gave them my money on Wednesday and everything. I'm now officially at the point where I'm comfortable saying:

I'm gonna be in the Masters of Harmony!

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