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02 January 2006 @ 11:29 pm
Started the new year with some rest  
...for my computer.  For the first time in months (probably since we moved to the apartment), I shut my computer down and let it sleep the night through.  Oddly, it seems to have had very positive effects - the system's working much smoother today.

As for me, Jen and I spent yesterday and today tearing down the living room and switching two of the walls.  The entertainment system is where the DVDs used to live, and vice versa.  This let us put the couch under the window, and now the room doesn't have a couch in the middle of it.  This gives the place a much more open and free energy, and it just feels better.  Plus, a lot more room is available for the DVD collection on this wall, so we don't have sections running into each other any more.

We also used some AmEx gift certificates that we've been accumulating from birthdays and the wedding and stuff and bought ourselves a new vacuum cleaner.  Nice to have one that isn't clogged by cat hair.  We'll see how long that lasts.  =-)  (We looked at the one that uses a new technology and never gets clogged, but couldn't justify the $475 for it, and went with this one instead.  Works niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, but that could just be 'cause it's new.)

What else has been going on recently that I haven't already mentioned here?  School term ended, I passed all my classes (although not by nearly enough of a margin -- New Year's Resolution #1, I guess).

I've noticed a trend that I don't like, which is that I've been concentrating a lot on negative stuff lately.  Actually, this was pointed out by my brother a couple months ago, but I don't know that it was as true even then as it has been more recently.  NYR #2:  I'm gonna try to adjust that.  What you perceive in the world is greatly determined by your own choices, and I'm going to try to choose a more positive outlook.

Got to spend a couple of days with a very dear friend who was visiting from her new home in Tasmania.  She's on a plane back there even as I type this.  Loved the time we had, sad that it wasn't more, recognize that she has a LOT of friends Stateside who all probably feel the same way -- not to mention how she must feel about her time with each individual person.  Look forward to seeing you again, Nenti -- hopefully you'll be able to come back sometime before I'm able to afford to visit you, since we both know how long that's likely to be.

Shocked by a conversation from a different close friend, but while my reaction is open for me to discuss, the content of the conversation is hers alone, so please don't ask. 

Jen and I spent a lot of the last several days cleaning -- the office looks like a useable room again, and isn't nearly as oppressive as it was.  Yay!  Now to see if we can de-clutter the bedroom...

My mother's mother passed away.  (Thanks in advance for the sympathy, but to be completely honest, the fact that this process has been long and drawn out has made it strangely easier on me.  I did a lot of my mourning after she had her first stroke and wasn't able to make it to the wedding.)

I told you about the car stuff - they gave me two coupons for tanks of gas and my next minor service ($90ish service value plus no-limit-on-the-gas-tank) free.  They said they'd understand if that didn't leave me satisfied and if I came up with something that would be more satisfaction I should let them know.  Not in those words, but essentially.  I gotta figure out what would be reasonable on top of what they've already given me, but I really don't know what it would be.  The fact is that while it was an ordeal, and it was an exceedingly poorly timed one, it may or may not have been their fault in the first place.  And it (theoretically) was time to do the service stuff I had them do.
Then again, my car's warning system did ding at me again tonight.  Grr...

Tomorrow marks the start of the new trimester.  Five classes, a three hour lunch on Tuesdays, a two hour lunch on Thursdays, and no classes at all on Fridays.  Thank you, EAC reps and teachers, for working that one out.  They're doing road work on our street tomorrow, so getting home for that lunch will be a challenge - but I should be able to park at the park and walk it.  Then for a quick lunch and hopefully enough energy to get back out the door to the gym.  Don't worry, Mom, the one class I have before lunch isn't likely to have given us homework yet.  We'll see if I can afford to make a habit out of that.

This is assuming, of course, that I wake up when the alarm goes off.  Which in turn is assuming that I get to sleep and don't spend all night writing a livejournal entry.

I guess that makes NYR #3.....
egheaumaen on January 5th, 2006 03:42 am (UTC)
Re: The Car
When you drop your car off with them, they should tow it to Valencia. Only then will you be even!