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27 December 2005 @ 09:43 pm
Third try's the charm  
Tech guy:  "We drove the car around for 50 miles and couldn't recreate the problem.  If you're willing, I'd like to keep the car until Monday and see if we can find something."
Me:  "I won't be around until the afternoon Tuesday.  Find what's wrong."
Tech guy:  "I'm not the guy who'll be dealing with it on Monday - when would be a good time for that guy to call?"
me:  "The afternoon.  I'll be at a funeral in the morning, and my cell phone will be off."
Tech guy:  "OK, I'll let him know."

---oops.  Lots of driving, I forgot to call.

Tuesday, 7:45am:
Tech guy:  "Sorry to wake you.  We drove the car around another 100 miles or so yesterday, couldn't find anything.  It's ready to be picked up."
me:  "No, something is wrong, and you're going to keep it there until you find it.  Try recreating the problem with these added parameters:  We were in stop and go traffic with a max of 6mph for about 1/2 an hour.  15 minutes into that, the warning light came on.  15 minutes after the stop-and-go (about 1/2 hour after the warning light came on), everything went haywire.  Find it."
Tech guy:  "We'll look."

Tuesday, 3:45pm:
me:  "Calling to check up on my car."
Tech guy:  "Didn't you get my messages?  I called your cell phone."
me:  "Nope."  (It was off while I was at a funeral.  The one I left a message for you about over the weekend.  Jackass.)
Tech guy:  "Oh.  Well, we found the problem.  It was air bubbles in one of the systems we worked on last week.  The car thought it was overheating when it really wasn't.  It's fixed now, and ready to be picked up.  It was our fault, so to make up for the inconvenience, I've convinced my manager to give you a gift card for a free tank of gas."

Tomorrow, when I actually pick up the car, I'm going to have to see what the state of the tank is -- after all, they broke the damn thing in the first place, then drove it for at least 150 miles before finding out that they'd broken it in the first place.  That free tank of gas they're so generously offering could easily just cover the gas they cost me.

And all this because I was doing what I was supposed to do and getting my car taken care of SO NONE OF THIS WOULD HAPPEN.

Not a mistake I'll be making ever again.
Shandylittlerowdyone on December 28th, 2005 04:17 pm (UTC)
welcome home? they should have given you a rental with out charging you. After all they put miles on your car why not put miles on one of theirs? Besides, with the gas and the inconvience it would have been more of an I'm sorry we messed up then heres a tank of gas.
Idtechnomonkey on December 28th, 2005 05:21 pm (UTC)
I agree, but there's a problem with that
When I took the car in, most rental places were closed. Plus, they didn't know it was their fault yet. Now if you're talking about a future rental, there are all sorts of questions that go into that - when, for how long, with what restrictions, why would I need it, etc. Plus, they don't rent the cars from their lot - they contract through a local rental place (Avis, I think).

No, they should (but never will) give me my next "X thousand miles service" for free.