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09 December 2005 @ 08:24 am
Good news / Bad news  
The good news:  My computer's up.

The bad news:  I have no frickin' clue why it went down.

I went into CMOS and changed the order of the drives the computer looks at for an OS.  Put the drive I know WinXP is on first.  Suddenly the system boots.  It's slow, but it boots.

Why did this happen?  No idea.

First order of business:  Make a WinXP disc.
Second order of business:  Back up important stuff currently stored on C drive.  Files stored on the desktop (which I know I shouldn't do) and in My Documents.

Then I guess it's time to reload Windows.  I'm thinkin' that my next iteration of Windows will have the desktop and My Documents directories located on a different drive, so I don't have to worry about losing that stuff if the OS crashes again.  It's dumb - those two directories are the most volatile places for a system that's going to die, but it's also where I keep all the stuff I'm currently working on or I deem important enough to file where I can find them.  Time to change that habit.  Or at least change their volatility.

Anyway, things are working-ish for now.  Yay!!!