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07 December 2005 @ 09:43 am
Ugh, and update  
Looks like the "LJ-is-being-stupid-and-not-emailing-me-comments" issue that's hitting everybody is hitting me too.  I just went through a bunch of my recent posts and saw many a comment for the first time.  Whee.

I suppose I should update on what's been going on.  School school and more school.  Had a final practical exam Monday, and a second one yesterday.  Quiz today.  Next week is actually finals, so this week has scattered blocks of time where class is cancelled, including all of Friday.  Yay for that!

Also been seeing movie screenings - last night was Mrs. Henderson Presents, and a Q&A with the screenwriter afterwards.  Downright charming film - I really enjoyed it.  The screenwriter talkback was interesting too.  All in all, very worthwhile, and recommended.

Tonight we'll be seeing a screening of Narnia.  Looking forward to it.

Also, we're back in a cappella season.  Monday had a concert at USC by Reverse Osmosis and the Sirens, tomorrow will be one at UCLA by Awaken (who we haven't seen in about two years - I can't wait to see what directions they've gone in!), Saturday we'll be coaching RO again.  That should be fun.

And of course we're looking forward to the party on Sunday, the Hanukkah parties the next Sunday, spending time with Jen's family for XMas the following weekend, and seeing Nenti as much as humanly possible throughout all of it.

But more than anything, we're looking forward to having some time to relax and recharge our batteries.  I have the weeks before and after XMas off of school, Jen has the week after XMas off of work.  This will be invaluable time, in getting things accomplished that we normally can't (the office looks like a hurricane hit it, and that's primarily my fault), clearing off some TiVo (we haven't seen a single Desperate Housewives this season -- but they're all recorded!  I love that machine!!) and in chilling out.  Mini vacation at home.

Thank goodness for Chrisquanzamadanukkayule!