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21 November 2005 @ 11:47 pm
Saw Rent - the movie tonight  
This show lost its dignity.  Will someone care?  Will I wake in two hours from this nightmare?

The movie had good moments.  It also had bad ones.  Some people will take issue with the snippets they turned from sung to spoken -- I wasn't one of them; I thought that, for the most part, that worked.

No, my biggest problems were some of the other decisions they made.  For the spoiler-phobic out there, I won't go into specifics, but I will say this.  There are several points in the show when the music calls for a character beat.  At this specific moment in the song, this character makes a major decision.  Listen to the music, it's obvious when it happens -- right there.  If that decision is made half a song sooner than right there, it completely invalidates that moment of music.

Which is exactly what happens.  Two or three times.

That was my biggest problem with it, but not my only one.  Again, no specifics -- but let's just say that there were several decisions I disagreed with.

Yes, some of my favorite parts were cut -- but I understand that.  The movie was really long as it was, and at least the play has an intermission to take away from the feeling that it's really long.  Some of the decisions made sense for having the show be its own entity, but the bottom line is that it isn't.  It doesn't stand on its own -- if you're not a fan of the musical already, you probably won't like it.  And if you are, you may feel even worse about it.  Like me.

Here's a good indication of what you can expect, so long as you remember the source:
I won't be buying this one on DVD.